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At Legacy Private Client Services, we invite you to dream bigger. Our Private Clients share common interests; they want to make an impact on their family and in their community, and we share the belief that when you have been blessed with abundance that, you desire to steward those resources wisely. Our mission is to help you realize that with the right vision and insight, you can accomplish far more than you ever thought possible.

Most wealth holders and high earners intrinsically want to leave a powerful legacy and impact the world around them; but too often, they don’t understand how—or worse, they are content with their outcomes and have a false sense of security and progress when it comes to optimizing their wealth potential. 

Our experience shows that most high-net-worth families have long-standing advisory relationships, along with good tactical elements in their planning; however, traditional planning is usually fragmented and yields overall results that are often sub-optimal due to inefficiencies.  Conversely, when awareness is heightened through holistic planning, we find that many families have the ability to do so much more without threatening their financial independence or their intended family legacy.

Not all experience is the same

Over thirty years interfacing with some of the nation's most influential advisors in multi-disciplinary planning, resulted in wisdom that transcends mere subject matter expertise; that wisdom offers insights that empower both highly successful business owners and families, along with their core advisory team. We understand what’s ultimately possible in your financial picture, and we won’t stop until you understand it, too. Our firm is committed to helping you simplify your financial picture while casting a vision for extraordinary success—because we know that once you understand your potential, you will be better able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The Legacy Difference


0% of people we have interviewed personally want to pay more than their fair share of taxes


45.7% of people with a net worth over $5 million don’t have a will*


61% of affluent people do not have a written financial plan^

*Source: Russ Alan Prince, 2003 Study on Affluent Families.
^Source: Greg Webster, Eagle Strategies, Summit Meeting 04/20/2021.